What is an Abstract of Title?

It is a summary prepared by a licensed abstractor of all documents recorded in the public records of the political subdivision where the land is located. In Oklahoma an abstract is reviewed by an attorney to determine the status of title. At Creek County Abstract we provide actual copies of the records rather than an abstract of each document. These records are stored on-site both electronically and the old fashion way (rows and rows of file cabinets.)

How do we keep track of all these records?

Each document is indexed according to the standards set forth by Creek County and the State of Oklahoma. When Creek County Abstract started doing business in the fifties, documents were indexed by pen and paper. Now, Creek County Abstract uses state of the art scanning and indexing system which allows infinite storage space, lightning fast document recovery and a backup copy of our title plant. What does this mean for you? An abstract that is delivered quickly and accurately saving time and money.

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